Maps and Such



ngl it’s gonna feel so fresh going into II after release and not knowing the map by heart because 3.0 released charts by the time everyone memorized the maps


jesus christ blue
ou killed my notifications


my bad I just get a mini boner whenever I’ve read all the threads on the featured threads list


Know what, here’s a poll

  • Keep GPS and chart
  • Keep GPS and chart but no player cursor
  • Get rid of GPS but keep chart
  • Get rid of chart but keep gps
  • Get rid of both
  • Stop making polls AJ

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“Stop making polls AJ”

I’m only voting for this for memes


I include it in every poll for people who are sick of my polls.


“Stop making polls AJ” is 75% of the vote.



Dammit people actually vote on something instead of that.

Why didn’t I make it so I could see who voted… It’s probably people like pesky or a few other names that constantly vote on that.


Voted for you to stop making polls, but personally just get rid of both chart and GPS. I kinda like the surprise of stumbling apon a new location. Oh and if you want people to vote for not a joke, then don’t include a joke.


To be honest, the GPS should be a tool to show your coordinates. Here’s ideally how I think it should work:

Charts come in 2 variants, a road map which shows roads, cities and rivers, and a topographic map that is much more detailed, complete with contour lines or shading (whatever is easier to code into baking). Both maps would have basic grid lines so you can hover your cursor over and see your grid reference that you can use to communicate to your friends. Once you get a GPS, it could be handled 2 ways: the item displays your coordinates, or when using it with a chart it overlays your player position.

I made a post about this a while back which kinda died fast, but here’s my 2 cents on this.


Like put a gps in one hand and a chart in the other to see your location?




How about finding only basic maps these maps only mark the basic locations and some roads, the riped maps could have writing on them which might mark another location. If you die you lose all map info.
You would have to collect or explore all the locations if you wanted a complete map.

Also gps will be very rare, mainly an admin item for seeing the map clearly.
But it still doesn’t show the names of unknown locations.