Maps and Such

Now I know you probably thought I was talking about maps themselves, such as the confirmed Pine Ridge, but what I actually wanted to talk about was the map you can view by pressing M. Just a suggestion, and what I think would make the game have a better survival feel to it, is that the chart/GPS map screen shouldn’t show you where you are with a little icon. I think it should just be a normal map, that still has the names of places on it, that you have to look at and study to find where you are and where you want to go. It just seems like a nice touch to the game so it’s more immersive as a survival game since 4.0 will be more about the Turned/Zombie Outbreak scenario. Let me know what you think.


this is a thing in 3.0, on hard mode if you find a chart

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There should be special “survivor” maps that would be made by the map maker that show either the entire map with keynotes or small areas. As an example, in some lab a scientist could sketch out a ventilation system and leave it on his corpse, it wouldnt be necessary for you to find it but it would help. Or a crashed plane having a black box or a gps in it that marks where they dropped a small cache of weapons. Just things that reward exploration.


that’d honestly be really cool, I’d love to see that in II.

Just something to make this suggestion a bit more complex, these maps that you can find that arn’t their own unique map and just build on top of the main map will just overlay the main map, they wouldn’t replace each other and certain overlays can be toggled off and on. Since Unturned 4.X is being coded the way it is we could most likely just mod it in if it isn’t base game, however this kind of thing should probably have official support first.

sure with physical maps this make sense, but gps should always show your location especially if you want to
aim for that dreaded realism

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During my first hour of the game I assigned ` to be my gps key not M so I was very confused while reading this

I would prefer you unable to see yourself on GPS. It would be much preferred.

well first of all that’s not how gps works, and also if you could see yourself on gps that would actually give an incentive to look for a gps instead of just getting a map, if you cant see yourself on gps then there shouldn’t be a gps. what’s the point of having 2 completely identical items anyway

Do you really think a satellite is going to be working properly in the apocalypse

gps would still work in an apocalypse but their accuracy would become worse over time without working ground stations but that still gives you the choice of what happens to the gps

  • a duplicate item with no other effect than visuals
  • a different item with different mechanics
  • it gets removed

The point is to make the game harder. Not realism.

im not against that, but nobody wants duplicate items clogging up the spawn table

We won’t even have duplicate items… It literally takes one item, and just a few settings for the server. What, did you think we would have 50 different items for one single map? That’s not how it works.

what? no, im just saying we dont need the map AND the gps if they are functionally similar, thats 2 items or what you might call a duplicate

GPS gives you a more detailed view, and is nicer to look at, while the map is easier to find, and you can see roads easier. (and a few other things. )They both have good functions, we don’t need to remove one.

Those are 2 items that only show files in the map file anyways. It’s not going to be a problem of they are in-game, considering that the majority of guns won’t be in 4.0, as well as the game being more optimized.

i don’t think one being more detailed than the other is a big enough change to warrant 2 different items,
most people just use the map screen to get a rough idea of where the best looting and living spots are

People use the map screen constantly. It’s very difficult to know where you are without it.

Your reasons for removing it really aren’t all that good.

And if you truly care about realism, why would there only be 1?

what??? i never said i wanted to remove the map screen, but we don’t need 2 different map screens
and i never said i wanted realism over all else, you were the one who brought up if satellites would work in an apocalypse, it is better for gameplay if the gps shows your location too because then it feels more like an upgrade


GPS is already an upgrade, end of story.