Maps need more abandonment, more ruins etc

In 4.0 maps need more abandonment, more ruins etc. In 3.x maps look like everyone at one moment became a zombie and nothing else happened


I agree, people say that breaking windows and doors is enough to make a map apocalyptic but really? Zombies can break down a metal wall but they can break through a simple walk on a house made for living enjoyment, not defence?

Thin sheet of metal =/= Structurally reinforced concrete/drywall aggregate which is easily 10-20 times thicker


how is it a thin sheet of metal, Yes I know rn Im referencing to 3.0 but have you seen how thick those walls are? the walls on houses are much thinner xd. and also, their are support beams made to hold up the house, not the entire wall. If it was the entire wall then yes I would agree with you but support beams are only in corners, in between those is easily breakable. heck on the inside of them they can break if you so much as punch it. modern day houses are NOT strong, perhaps older houses like from before 1900’s but other than that, no.

Maybe in your communist country, (/s) but where I come from, we still use solid masonry quite often, sometimes even with steel reinforcements. Even the walls that are made of less sturdy materials like drywall have solid frames with studs all along them, not just in the corners. If you want more modular destruction and construction, that would be one thing, but saying we should be able to punch away whole walls is just silly.

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Walls are made with bricks and a thin layer of cement (not concrete). In safer countries, they even use wood or plaster, wich makes it easier to break.

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Cement is the powder used to make concrete and mortar. What powder are you snorting?

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Actually I live in america, and i have experience knocking down walls to know that walls are easy to knock down.

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In my country concrete is cement and gravel, sorry. As Aj_Gaming, I have experience in kicking walls down and building ones, and teh concrete doesn’t make it much more resistant, it works just like a glue, the principal component of a wall is brick, that is hollow. I can easily break one with a punch.

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Most bricks are not hollow, and punching them would be more likely to break your knuckles than the brick.
Are you taking down these walls by literally just punching them?
You might be able to break certain bricks with your bare hands, but it seems unfair, to assume that whole walls should be destroyed with one punch.
Anyways, we’re getting kind of off topic.

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Solid brick stoped being fabricated almost 20 years ago…

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I was laying solid brick just last year.


I think brick means different things to you two

No, they’re talking about the same thing.
It is off topic however


gotta agree we need more ruins and broken houses


and yea what @Aj_Gaming said is correct those walls are multiple inches thick a zombie realistically would have a REALLY hard time getting throught one of those


I think the ability to make cement walls with a crafting time delay and reinforced(rebar, adding metal bars to the recipe) cement walls would be super cool and a great idea to add into 4.X if freebuilding is in 4.X at all!


ayyy ive knocked down some walls to in america and agree it isnt hard at all with a tool

ill edit this in a thicc sec cause my mod is about to end and i need to switch classes

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