March 2021 Development Update

March 2021 Development Update

March 31st 2021 by SDGNelson

Anecdotes from the past month of gamedev. Focused on the decisions and thinking behind the RPC rewrite.

Table of Contents

  • RPC Rewrite
  • Code Generation
  • Fast Path
  • Parameter Attributes
  • Instance vs Faux-Instance
  • Instance Addressing
  • Invocation Context
  • Filtering Recipients
  • Initial State
  • Loopback
  • Plugin Compatibility
  • Organizing Assemblies
  • Physics Material Custom Data
  • Voices
  • Roadmap

lets fuckiNG GOOOO


Slope tool, fancier node things, and better material system.


So now on UII updates will be cease for the long time, but seeing from other side it’s a lot of good work and great quality of life things to the 3.0.
Good job Nelson.
PS:So when Devlog 43 will be?

Well, I think it’s cool, the fact that Nelson is working so hard to fix Unturned 3.0, I just didn’t quite understand the moment he decided to do that. I thought it was a little too sudden.

I think its great, not sure if you’re trying to be negative about him fixing 3.0 but if you are begone

I’m negative and positive at the same time and i appreciated what he done for 3.0 but it would be a way more cooler to Finnally get update to the UII.It’s like that am i’m not enjoying or even playing 3.0 and those updates gonna give some features but ain’t do not signiffical changes for game or nor fix them all.
Also if i was totally negative about work of Nelson i’m mostly was planning to creatively criticize him but now on i don’t want to cause there been videos about 3.0 and i have will to negatively or positively to evaluate him it’s just opinion.
Anyway maybe you shouldn’t treat SDG like a god and say to people if they even say something that you don’t like be called “begone” or others shit like that.

i think nelson should undergo mitosis so he can split into two people that can work on both games at once


Can we get Left 4 Dead 2 pan sound, pls?

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i would love that to see.

1000iq , definetly should happen.

The roadmap and the work going back into Unturned 3.0 makes me feel very happy. Im glad its not completely left behind. These changes are good and will make a huge difference to the game. Mostly im looking forward to some core mechanics change, especially around pvp.
Movement enhances seem great
New lock system also seems great. might make it worthwhile building a temporary wooden door with a lock now and stop group switching being a constant factor.
Base building, electricity, water fog, new audio updates all sound absolutely amazing.
But for me the biggest changes would be the 2D scope parity and possibly the ghillie blending. Ghillies needed work for a while and maybe jumping will be a less common occurance in pvp? Oh well we will see.

Nelson has a roadmap before an actual map in game you hate to see it lol

yes that is generally how roadmaps work
edit: is this like a joke that i’m not understanding or like did you not know what a roadmap was

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Yeah… he says very weird stuff XD

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