Masterbundle Tool from Legacy Files

We really need an official tool that can update legacy files to masterbundles, and make it able to bundle multiple legacy files into 1 master bundle. I know I’m not the only player who has troubleshot countless times on the master bundle system when trying to update files. I’ve looked at every resource I could find and don’t understand them no matter how hard I try, Even my friends who have masterbundled correctly have said that it takes way too long and is very easy to mess up and go through the Restart-Game system over and over, and the game takes forever to load when you have mods installed… so you basically have to wait 10-20 minutes just to check if it works, and then if it doesn’t rinse and repeat until you get it right. Please Nelson, we really need a tool for this.

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Master bundles really don’t take that much time if you know what you’re doing. You add one thing to Unity, and change a line in a dat file to match it. I should be home some time tomorrow but I’d be able to show you how it works if that’d help.

The only reason I’d see to have a unity3d to master bundle converter is if you don’t have access to the original files.

Check your Discord, I’ll troubleshoot with you if necessary.

Unfortunately due to how bundling works I have a feeling reversing bundles into useable format for Unturned with the click of a button is easier said than done. There are community made tools that can load Masterbundles and Unity3ds, but only as temp files in a Unity scene, and cannot be saved into a project’s source files. I will not be providing these tools here.

As Craven mentions I can only really see this tool being helpful if you’ve lost the source files, in which case a datamining tool like AssetStudio would suit your needs.

The Unturned modding community has had this issue for awhile, with a lot of knowledge locked behind some more exclusive modding circles (modject era tutorial docs). I really appreciate the work @danaby2 put in awhile back in regards to his short and snappy map making tutorial series. It could use some additional episodes with the new terrain changes methinks. I think these videos should be highlighted on official channels like the U3 Docs repository. Back in the day @Letgalian made a video tutorial on Masterbundling, and the process hasn’t changed since then. I think the video has either been deleted or made private since I can’t find it. I learnt off of that video and then wrote a written guide to make the information more accessible.
You may have come across this video, but if not this video does cover masterbundling.

While I agree that it’s not that hard if you know what you’re doing, it’s not super intuitive if you’re used to the Unity3D approach, even though Masterbundles are closer to a traditional pipeline. Again I’d like to stress that if you’re migrating it can take awhile to figure things out. I remember it took a few hours for me to get it right when it was initially on the preview branch.

Moving all your project files can also be messy and laborious if you’ve not planned to pivot from the beginning, I’ve personally had to deal with datamining missing files for pre-masterbundle projects that are lost, or just organising a messy Unity-Hierarchy.

The Masterbundle tool was released 4 years ago now, if you’ve been working on a big project that’d benefit from Masterbundle then you probably should have been structuring your file structure around that from the beginning before the project got to big. Masterbundle is useful because it allows you to make changes to bundles without having to reexport each bundle individually, you just have a simple single button press.

Disable mods through the in-game menu in the workshop section to reduce load times when troubleshooting. You can also load the game without the core masterbundle and all maps to further increase load times if you’re just debugging.

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