Matamorez and its current state

  • The new matamorez is fine as is 70 damage with 300m range
  • The matamorez should do 99 damage with the 300m range without a box and only can use a 10 round mag
  • The matamorez should do 99 damage with 300m range and have the 20 round box along with it

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Don’t forget to tell Nelson we want the old zubeknakov!

Tbh In my 1000 hours I’ve never seen a natural matamorez, nor do I ever see raiders use it in 50x loot servers.

I’m fine with the Matamorez in it’s current state, because of just how rare the thing is; I hate to say this but:

It’s balanced because it’s rare.

Yeah the matamorez is rare the only reason I want it to one shot headshot is because the ammo is more rare than the gun and its the only high cal gun that can’t one shot headshot excluding the deagle.

And excluding the Dragonfang.*