Matamorez as a Ekho Ranger sniper Alternative

We can discuss the mag and firerate if it people vote for a sniper rifle variant

  • Yes that matamorez should be a sniper rifle
  • No it should not

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For the mags the normal one should hold around 7 bullets meanwhile the box can hold 10 to 12. The firerate should be reduced greatly to 2.0 style of matamorez with slowfirate with super high recoil for balance.

matamorez should one shot in the body because that would be realisitc (irl if you get shot you die btw)


gets shot in the arm
danaby walks in
Oh shi-


Only thing it needs is more recoil and no recoil reduction upon putting scope (also other guns cough cough Grizzly cough Sabertooth cough Snayperskya cough), seriously why is that even a thing still? Scopes should not reduce the recoil of the guns and it’s downright ridiculous to which levels recoil can be reduced on those guns (with recoil being major balancing point of semi-automatic guns), the original intention ( with it allowing you to track your bullet trajectory) was good and works well on bolt-action but not on the semi-automatic rifles (or even automatic with case of Matamorez).

I know lot of things in 3.0 could use rebalancing in general but this is still aching me as it seems like just an overlooked thing added right after the ballistics update.


The Mata is a strange case. On one hand, it’s meant to be scoped and has the range of a sniper rifle. On the other hand, on full auto its recoil is controllable enough for close combat, and it’s also designed to use assault rifle-style magazines.

Well, because there’s not really a defined “sharpshooter” or “marksman” rifle category (the Snayperskaya has a slow firerate and the Sabertooth uses low caliber ammo and has a pretty decent firerate), I think it’s safe to say that the Mata should stay exactly how it is. Obviously this could be expanded further upon in the sequel, but for now…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

bippity bope you can no longer vote

It should not be changed and its perfect as it is. IMO its probably the most unique gun in unturned. Its great stats are balanced by how rare the gun itself is, and how rare the magazines and ammunition is.

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