Maybe Ghillie netting attachments on Guns

Wish Nelson would add ghillie netting attachments to guns.

Useless. There is no point too them. If you say they camouflage you, guns are such minuscule details to a player hidden in grass that they would be pointless.

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The ghillie really only works at nighttime when wearing a full set, and generally isn’t worth it overall tbh. Make ghillie useful more often than not, and then add ghillie wraps? :thinking:

Or make ghillies decrease detection visually from zombies? :thinking::thinking:

I’m curious as to what Unturned 4.x stealth would be like now, especially with zombies roaming around in towns.


Thnx for telling meh

Same i’m curious too about the stealth improvement in 4.X but i don’t know if there’s an improvement about stealth on Untunred

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