McDonalds are thieves

so i went to mcdonalds the other fucking week and like my typical order is just some ordinary mf shit i jus be getting some mcchickens and some fries with a coke to wash it all down and these thieving scandalous mfs really changed the price of a mcchicken from $1 to $2.39 and im fucking seething rn fucking stealing my fucking money man and they have the audacity to say if i buy 2, one of them is $1.39 like WTF!!! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID ITS STILL $4 FOR 2 MCCHICKENS like bruh at this rate imma start eating my own poop and wash it down with sewer water with how these mfs ripping me off liek shit wdf goin on man bush ruined our ecoonmy shits unacceptable af man we gotta make a stand and boycott stealing ass corporations charging for food WHICH SHOULD BE A HUMAN RIGHT AND FREE cause without food government has nobody to work for them and stuff liek u know that cause like if we all die and stuff cause of no food the governments gonnaa be like oh shoot whos gonna work and stuff yea nobodys gonna owrk LOL


It’s sad that they are no longer $1 but this change isn’t recent.

McDonalds is shit anyways. At least get fast food from small businesses.

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no dude the small businesses are even worse but i get their case cause they have kids to feed and bills to pay and all that so i understand them, this one burger place a few blocks out from my house is charging $5 for a burger now and i hate it im not paying $5 for a fuckin burger man fr got me in my house eating cauliflower and capri sun


have you tried making your own sandwhiches

Yeah just make sandwiches

Or go to jersey Mike’s, subs > shitty McDonald’s

On God, this is truth.

fast food has quickly lost its luster- now id say half the time they get your order wrong and often i have to wait 5 minutes or more in the drivethrough for a subpar burger at the same price i could get for a decent one at a dine in (not fancy) restaurant.