Me after I grab that unturned free to play physical release

yes I know I’m pushing out low quality shitposts but I can’t be arsed to make something high quality these days
also don’t ask for sauce


so don’t make anything at all


no ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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yes ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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i wish johnny chimpo was on this forum so he could roast the hell out of every shitposter

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Hey guys I’m going to make a “super funny” anime x unturned reference to make all the kids go haha wow that was really cool. Ok so first I am going to crop out unturned free to play image and use chroma key to make the background transparent. I am going to save that as its own image with a transparent background. then I am going to open up another image with (my favorite waifu) and then just upload the image of the latter and do a 90* rotation to the left and shrink it down so that it fits on the box with anime-san waifu is holding. Then I save as a new image and log on to and upload into a new thread. Because this took me all of 30 seconds to make and upload this “funny haha” I am going to make people pity my laziness and say yes I know I’m pushing out low-quality shitposts but I can’t be arsed to make something high quality these days
also don’t ask for sauce" and make people believe that something is preventing me from making something of quality because I am bored and it is “way too much out of my power” to try and I am 14 years old and am edgy also freshman aren’t stupid ok thanks bye



Can you tell this to warcorp please.



holy fuck that’s gold

@Pesticide has summoned me, what do you guys want?

Sauce? please.


Idk Lance wanted to show you somethin

based :sunglasses:

Kingfrog described you

@Lance I don’t even like anime. It’s too colorful and it hurts my eyes.

I’m actually working on something big, something that’ll make the thread sims look like arse, but I just now found out big projects require time and effort so progress is very slow, that’s why I’m making bad shitposts for now


I used to respect you :disappointed:

It’s ok nobody has any for you

You did not have to write a full book report