Me thinking of the devlog

Nelson: feels so good to be home. clicks voice mail
You got 100 new messages.
Me: “uh yeah, I was just wondering, high, mmmhhh, where’s the devlog.” Beep
“Haven’t seen a devlog in a couple days. Wondering when it’ll cone out.” Beep
“Guess who, sorry to leave you so many messages. Just lonely here, thinking about the next dev log and the new rig and character mesh.” Beep
“Where is it” beep
Based off of Herbert the pervert’s voice mails. Didn’t want to be too mean with the last lines.

Effortless text meme.
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I got bored. -100000000000000 rep on me

God is dead


whats with 2008 everywhere? and 2007?

and… 1016… has it been that long since the first devlog? I cant remember XD


i love this

Can we have this as a Easter egg?

Just I want to use it sometime and watch as people pause in there steps and say


1016? You should’ve seen the 0 devlog.

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So guys we did it! We reached a quarter of a million subscribers.

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250 000 subscribers and still growing

Youre cone shape head , nerd

So guys we did it… We reached maxed stupidity

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