Medkits use multiple items instantly

Rather than medkits being just a high-tier bandage, they should be a 2x2 nested storage, and when used take the normal amount of time to use a bandage and other consumables, but use all items inside the storage. IE: Put three dressings in a medkit, use, medkit, takes as long as it takes to use one dressing but uses all three.

Medkits are a one-time use.

I disagree. How I feel medkits should work is that they each have a set amount of contents depending on what type of medkit it is, and what actually happens is that the player pulls out the corresponding item for an ailment and uses it. Medkits can also be broken down into individual components and can also be restocked, with emptied medkits being a seperate item.


Ah, so eliminate guessing and what medicine to use and time wasted finding it in your inventory for what ailment? In that case that’s a good idea too.

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