Mega suggestion

First time posting here, neat

i suggest mega’s punch to have knockback, i dont like the idea of being punched by an giant beast and staying on the ground like nothing happened, at least be thrown a little further?

same for the boulder throw thing, give it knockback too!

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Making a note of that. External forces would be cool for lots of features like explosions.


It’d be interesting, but to be honest I don’t think it’d synergize well with Unturned 3’s zombies. I have to compare it to Left 4 Dead’s “Tank,” which works out pretty well. However, the Tank, like the Mega Zombie, are both pretty much melee (close-range) exclusively, as their boulders become incredibly easier to dodge when farther away.

Knocking people away makes it harder to punch them again, and lets them more easily kite the zombie or just plain escape. The main reason it works out well for the Tank is because of the stun combined with a horde of zombies. Maps and triggers are also designed with the Tank in mind, allowing for those really cheeky things to happen. The current zombie AI, the design of maps in general, and lack of player stuns or fall damage, could just make it an uncommonly useful gimmicky tactic.

I think it would fit better with Unturned 4. I think maps should be designed with some thought going into PvP and map-zombie synergy in mind, and to make the most out of the feature I believe it would just fit better in a more-or-less blank slate to work off of.

It’d still be nicer than just having my skull pounded on though, but I would definitely be in support of it if it had something else to back it up. Maybe if it knocked the player more vertically than horizontally, so there’d be a good chance of breaking a leg?


sounds like a good idea, but that makes the escape a bit hard, if youre doing so, since you cant run and the mega is a bit fast.


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That’s the general idea of what I was hoping for, but yeah.

It could be too overkill to not be able to sprint at all, but at the same time I’m trying to figure out what is considered an acceptable level of difficulty for a Mega Zombie, how close should people be getting to it anyways, and what level of gear/medicine should be required.

Alternatively, a short stun animation could be added for being knocked back by a Mega Zombie. It’d allow for a more vertical knockback since the Mega would be able to catch back up, but players could then still be able to sprint (unless indirectly knocked off a hill and broke their leg).

Or, maybe just knock them a relatively short distance away, and then immediately chain it with a boulder. It’d make the Mega Zombie more mid-range oriented. Lots of ways to go about it, I just don’t want to see the Mega Zombie be indirectly nerfed.