Melee Combat Controls


(note: I have combined the mouse button 1 and 2 lists and their left or right effects to make this post less cluttered. The melee weapons listed are not necessarily weapons that will be or should be in the game, just ones that serve as examples for a variety of different types of melees.)

Tap Mouse Button 1/2

Sword: diagonal cut down from left/right side
Nunchucks: diagonal swing down from left/right side
Fists: left/right hook
Shield: bash shield forward

Hold Mouse Button 1/2

Sword: hold an extended guard angled toward the left/right
Nunchucks: continuously swing nunchucks through a figure 8 motion on left/right side
Fists: keep left/right fist held up in a defensive posture
Shield: hold out shield to protect left/right side

Tap Mouse Button 3

Sword: perform a thrust
Nunchucks: swing down with more of the body for greater power and reach
Fists: push away
Shield: strike with the rim

Hold Mouse Button 3?

Sword: throw sword
Nunchucks: throw Nunchucks
Fists: Initiate grappling?
Shield: throw shield

Dual Wielding

When dual wielding, mouse buttons 1 and 3 are reserved for the dominant hand and mouse button 2 is reserved for the nondominant hand.


Player stances should not only impact, height, speed, and detectability, but also reach, recoil, knockback and stamina regen.

Hit Registration

melee attacks should not just be hit scans, but should have hit paths which can be blocked by other weapons (or if a good physics based melee system is possible that would be cool, but I’m doubtful a good physics based melee system can be created with a reasonable amount of dev time and a minimal impact on performance.)


If grappling/takedowns/assassinations/whatever were to be implemented, here is how I would prefer them to be implemented.

  • You have to be extremely close to your target to initiate grappling.
  • No QTEs should be involved for either player; in the animation the person being assaulted should always attempt to defend themself.
  • Which player is victorious in the grappling should be decided by their levels in relevant skills, their equipped weapons, which way they’re facing, and their relevant stats.
  • The effects of grappling depend on what items the victor has equipped. If a player only has bare hands, he might knock his opponent to the ground, disarm them, and do the damage of a few punches, but if the victor is holding a knife he delivers a potentially fatal knife wound.
  • Grappling against ordinary unarmed zombies from behind should serve as a relatively safe way to train grappling skills, but when grappling with them face to face the player risks being bitten.

An example of a worst case scenario could be that a character has no skill in grappling, is facing the wrong direction, is wearing no armor, and has both hands occupied by a long heavy musket. An example of a best case scenario would be that a character has high a skill level in grappling, is facing their opponent, is wearing protective, yet unrestrictive armor, and has knives in both hands.

Body fight

i prefer just clicking things to kill them
(/s but i mean like… yeah)


Good for combat games. Not so necessary for a survival game. Might get too complicated for new players.

But still. Not bad.


Taking this and improving it for my next post.


why does everything have to be all technical and combatty in unturned 4.0? i mean just click to kill a zombie or whack it or something, it’s not that hard.


sidenote: nunchucks in 4.0 would be dumb, period. also i feel as if shields would be kind of stupid as well. can’t it just be a shooter and not some technical-combat-simulator mess please


Shields can be used for things other than shooting. Also, 4.0 WILL NOT be a pvp shooter. So FFS, don’t act like its going to be a “shoot everything” game like 3.0.

Shields could be used to block arrows, or projectiles from zombies. As well as possibly more defense.


I like the ideas, but maybe they’re overcomplicated. See, in a survival game, the mechanics that help you survive should be large up to a specific point, and you my friend have crossed that point for a couple of centimeters. Still it all sounds cool, don’t get me wrong, but stuff like different buttons for dual wielding is not the best idea.


I mean. I feel like it should be more skill-based and than 3.0, which is more focused on close-range-shoot-everything-rambo-ing. And, sidenote- when did I say anything about “pvp”? face it, unturned has and always will be predominantly a survival shooter. Where you shoot zombies.


What would you suggest? It uses the same button and you do both attacks simultaneously? or does it pick one at random? Can you imagine how obnoxious that would be if you had a gun in one hand and a melee weapon in the other?


I bow before your skills


Mean I want a more meaningful combat system.

So it’s a yes from me.


cmon dude that was out of context lol


Force people to get a gaming mouse with mouse3 mouse4 and mouse5, then we can talk about it


Mouse 3 is the scroll wheel, which I believe most mice should have. Many trackpads don’t have an equivalent input tho’, so that’d have to be rebound.


No “nunchucks” please.


ffs can we not read italicized words?


Ok still no nunchucks.


I used nunchucks as an example not because they are the perfect weapon to be added to be added to 4.X, but because their tip heaviness, flexibility, and bluntness are the opposite characteristics to those of a sword. By using two extremes I can cover as much variety of weapons as possible with as few examples as possible.


That’s what CS:GO, Fortnite, and several other games do, and I don’t hear anyone complain! Also, I think having a knife and an automatic pistol (or bigger) at the same time might break the game a little, it would be WAY too easy