Melee needs a second look

There’s tons of melee suggestions and this isn’t one of them, this more for drawing attention to a future potential problem…

It’s more or less confirmed that not only will towns/cities/etc have zombies but there will be hoards roaming around between these locations (in the country side, etc)

Unless silencers/suppressors are uber common then shooting a gun is going to be a nightmare scenario of zombies coming from all directions.

To avoid this players will prefer to use melee to attract less attention… But…

It seems like melee is going to be similar to 3.0 which isn’t fun or practical much.

Not to forget that zombies are going to be tougher in UII because of better ai/path-finding I feel we deserve a better melee system.


I do agree melee mechanics have been heavily underdiscussed, and I’ve been wanting to make a rather large suggestion thread about it for a few months now but I’ve been putting it off.

What makes you think this? Based on what has been confirmed in the past, we are on track to receive volumetric attacks instead of point attacks, a blocking system, and the ability to melee using the butts of guns. That alone I’d say is a massive step up from U3’s melee mechanics and it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re judging by the current extremely barebones melee implementation in the current UII public beta test build, it’s called a beta test for a reason. So far only the basic support for melee has been done - I don’t even think the punching animations have been set up yet, let alone enough of the melee system to jump to any conclusions about a finished product.

I share your concern on wanting melee to be good, but I feel like calling it “similar to 3.0” is a bit unfounded.


I couldn’t find anything “official” on melee and seeing previous suggestions effectively pooped on by the forum users I may have falsely perceived a concensus on the matter.

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I believe that one way to do this is for the turneds to be crazier and move more and faster, something like in the 7DTD, making it difficult for the player to hit them in the head.

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Here’s some sources. There hasn’t been much word on it lately but all of this has been known for quite a while now - the UII Roadmap entry on melee is simply Nelson’s plans to get a basic first iteration of the melee system up and running for the test.

Combat section - Upcoming features, SDG Wiki

Melee, Unturned 4.x Wishlist Trello (somewhat outdated but still, goes to show Nelson has been considering this stuff for a quite a good amount of time now)

Melee, Unturned II Roadmap Trello (shows Nelson’s near future plans on implementing melee)

It’s also worth mentioning dual wielding is implemented and will apply to one handed melee weapons such as knives, and even using a one handed melee weapon with a one handed gun.


I actually suggested a detailed and improved melee system a while ago.
But like most suggestions it got a few replies then ignored for good.


It is not that he was ignored, it is that Nelson is not yet working completely on the subject of your suggestion, probably imo he will do as he did with the poster of the medical items and the armor in the trello, so just be a little patient.

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You should be able to smash the zombies’ heads off or stab them through their chest


Thanks for the info instead of just derailing tge thread you actual helped.

There should be a badge for that :wink:

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Would be cool if different attacks required different blocks or dodges, adding a level of depth to melee combat. Could open up some real epic duels between survivors. Instead of a heavy and light attack and one block to block all. Also different weapons could counter each other and making a whole world of strategies and skill. Maybe also makeshift shields could become a thing, those would useful for the turned.


and when you use a sword or knife you do damage in a ‘line’ and not one little spot like in 3.0 so its easier to hit the target

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inb4 doom glory kills in unturned

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