Melee weapon crafting

I had this cool idea on kinda crafting your own melee weapons. What im trying to say is you should be able to craft and modify your weapons, but nailing some nails through a plank to make the plank more effective at killing stuff would only be the beginning. It would be possible to for example craft your own spear with a variety of possible materials for each part of the weapon. (similar to NEO scavenger) So if you want to craft a basic spear you would need a pole of some kind, a blade and something to hold the blade on the spear. For the pole you could make your own out of wood or use a 2x4, but wooden rod salvaged from an other tool would be more durable. Likewise for the blade you could use anything from a screwdriver to a hunting knife. For attaching the blade to the pole you could use some string but the blade might fall off during combat giving an incentive to use rarer resource (like duct tape) for your spear.


ok, your suggestions are really good, but there is one problem connected with melee weapons, they’re pretty much useless at the mid-game ( few minutes after spawn). Rust and Unturned 3.0 has the same issue with melee items, I hope that Unturned II will be much more hardcore and melee weapons will be much more useful.

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This is probably not a problem if we take into account that in Unturned II ammunition will be rarer and / or more expensive to obtain. As soon as, at least, facing turneds the player should try to save as much ammunition as possible.


I think they will be, already you can’t walk through the zombies which makes it hard to evade them. And hopefully guns are more rare making melee and bows a big need for fighting turned. Unless your just a mad man and like wasting bullets.
I think Dayz does guns well. In the beginning your lucky to find ammo, mags, and guns that match. But getting farther in the map allows you to a plenty of guns. Not impossible to get guns making it frustrating but making you work for it.

yes, Dayz does pretty well with gun rarity and all survival aspects of a hardcore zombie survival game, I bet that Unturned II will be something like Dayz but less glitchy, with the better community and Unturned stylized of course.

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Yeah I hate when A spear is sticking out of your brain but you still survive

yo can you don’t

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