Mic is not working

My mic on unturned is not working for some reason I looked on youtube it said its smthin in the steam settings it didn’t fix it and am unsure to why its not working since when i test my mic in steams settings it works fine please help

Check what key is bound to your mic, and try to use it(in multi player ofcourse as you don’t get an echo of your voici in unturned as far as I remember)
Make sure to hold the mic button.

Still didnt work i checked and its left alt and i held it spoke no echo i also got obs and started rec and it didnt give any sound of a voice

I don’t think we have those ingame, you need someone in multi player to tell you if they hear you or not

OBS require you to set it up first so that might be the problem, but I might advise you to try your mic on discord so se if the problem is in unturned or if it’s in your mic which might be broken

my mic works in everything discord tf2 steam expet untruned and yes it works on discord and obs is seted up i used it many times before
i tryed to reinsttle the game still dosnt work

did you check if when you help the button a “speaker” button showed up on the right(or left) of screen? or if your friend when puting his cursor on you saw it near your name(bottom of his screen)?

yeah a speaker dose show up on the left of my screen
but i dont have anyone to test what you said below it

well in unturned YOU WILL NOT HEAR YOUR VOICE EVEN IF THE MIC WORKS, there is NO ECHO, you need a friend to tell you if they hear you(and sounds are distance limited unless you use radios)

Dude yes i understand i tryed it with players and they told me it anit workin i tryed alot of players not just one

oh ok sorry, I’ll think of a solution if I can, good luck!

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