Micro-suggestion. Mounted first aid kits/related items

Really whenever you loot a first aid kit, defibrillator, fire extinguisher, exa, you can place them on the walls (maybe just add a single metal scrap?). And when you need to use them you can take them off, via normal interaction.

Also there can be special “placed” spawn nodes for these.

Go into a restraints kitchen, it may or may not be mounted on the wall to be looted, or to a watchtower you may find a intact medkit still hanging on the wall.

Ok, that’s the suggestion.



Wow like already.

It was ligit 4 seconds after I posted

in a literal sense, or less

Interesting,kinda reminds me of far cry 2’s healing system.

Feel the power of COINCIDENCE

Changed to #unturned-4

Doesn’t this idea just take the basic racks and plaques we already have and just port them into 4.x?

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Drats forgot to categorize.

Yes and no.

No as in (special) items don’t spawn on walls. Preplaced, and in maybe a case.

Think of it as furnishings, but you can pick them up. Or in world objects. As real as any door or couch.

Yes, but when placed (not rack) have it’s own special case, or mount (maybe the mount is left behind, up to Nelson, single scrap cost).

Mean you could just have it shrink onto a pole or “rack” or be a nice decrotive item with it’s own aesthetic. Needing no rack cost.

It whould take a middleground between item and furnishing.

Primary click is use, secondary is place.

I hope I’m marking sense where I’m Comeing too with this.

An item that is both a consumable and a placable at the same time?

Yes, Basicly.

(And spawns as a world object, or just lose item, that can be taken, if say you can take paintings from a museum from the wall itself)

What if you could use a hammer and some nails to either put nails in walls to hand items from or pin items?

Also, I seriously think that almost every single item should be able to place on any flat, horizontal surface and could either be directly picked up or interacted with (like filling a magazine held in your hand with an ammo crate placed on the floor).


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