Alright alright here me out, because a suggestion like this is beyond you, it’s beyond me. It serves a greater purpose that hopefully one day our monkey brains could comprehend. What if, When we get a generator down we could find a microwave and use it as an upgrade to the campfire? Okay crazy I know, I can basically already hear you whispering under your breath “Woah this guy is nuts!” or “Why is this not in memes?” Well to answer those questions, This is an actual suggestion. I feel like having a sort of upgraded bench system would be cool. Once you reach the “endgame” you would be able to upgrade your useable objects to better versions like we already have in 3.0 with the generator and the industrial generator, Why not continue this trend?

Campfire to microwave/stove
Safe zone to Industrial Safezone
the list could go on but what’s most important is using microwaves. Nelson, I am on my knees begging for usable microwaves, I will do anything to achieve such beauty. (plus I think to would be a nice goal to go after, Upgrading your whole base to actual tech sounds fun)



microwave guns

you fucking genius, I am gonna make a post about that… But it needs a better name… What about directed energy weapon? (it would still be a microwave)

Mobile directed energy weapons



Here is the Microwave.

At school, steam is blocked, please take a pic and show me my one true love.

Sure. I will send a screenshot.



And yes, I’m still playing on Germany.

we need a microwave hat and cape in unturned

so we can get microwave man

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pepsi maaaaaaaannnnn

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Microwaaaave maaaaaan!

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Image result for Microwave man

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Microwave cosmetic for 3.0???

UII imo shouldn’t have safezone radiators at all, but rather, an actual system of killing off zombies in an area after you’ve fortified it sufficiently to “claim” it. Or any alternative of similar fashion.

(Also, Letgalian’s Furniture has a working microwave, but it was linked above)

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Yeah I know, It was more of an example to the get the point across.

It would make more sense for a fire to upgrade to something more universally usable, like a forging oven or something like that.


Okay I can see that but in a city are you more like to find a forging oven or a microwave? Do you have a forging oven in your home? I was thinking for of what you would find without crafting as an upgrade when you get power.