Middle mouse button visual

This is again about the middle mouse button but my previous post was a bit confusing so in this post ive created some photos to visually show you how it would work. The way the middle mouse button while aiming will switch between sights and with items like jerry cans you can switch between empty and full cans without having to repeatedly

open your inventory.


That’s a really good idea, especially with the gas cans! I don’t think canted iron sights will ever be added, but I could see that potentially being used to adjust zoom levels on scopes, or switch from a scope to the backup iron sights (or reflex sight!) mounted on top.

canted sights would work IF unturned had an official IK rig

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I was also thinking about scopes that have different options but they require you to open your crafting menu to change it. A quicker way would be to make right clicking on the scope while holding T to cycle through the different options. Right clicking would just craft the next scope and this way you could change scope types quickly in combat.

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