Middle mouse button

The middle mouse button has no use in U3 so I was thinking in U4 it could have a better use. There could be sights that have a scope and then a dot sight attached to its side and while aiming if you scroll with the middle mouse button it will rotate the gun to switch to the dot sight. Another use could be for inventory items, when you have a lot of gas cans in your inventory it gets annoying to click on all of them to see which ones have fuel or not so my idea is that when you equip in gas can and use the middle mouse button, a slider (like the compass UI) appears at the bottom of your screen that shows all gas cans and their fuel percentage above it.

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A use for it in U3 would be cool though as well. Odd idea would be to have some kind of extensive quick action system. Iā€™m literally taking this concept from the iPhone 15 Pro with its action button. :rofl:

perhaps some gun actions could be bound to MMB, like switching to a canted sight or adjusting zoom levels on a scope

I thought about this as well. An adjustable scope like the A6 Polaris binoculars but instead of having to take the scope off your gun, craft the different zoom and then re-add it, you could just hold control then click on the scope while holding T and that would change the zoom without taking it off.

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