Military Binoculars

I believe this was suggested awhile back, and i haven’t seen anyone talking about it so i might as well refresh the idea.

It’s pretty simple and easy to make in regards to coding and crafting

Basically, it’s just like regular binoculars except it’s a bit more square-ish and gives a wider view with a small little crosshair in the center. There’s a number on the top right that shows the distance between you and the object you are pointing at with the crosshair. Basically a mixture of a ranegfinder and binoculars. It can also be zoomed in and out with the arrow keys. From x10 to x30 zoom. Each arrow press gives a +“x5 zoom”.

Crafted with binoculars, rangefinder, and a blowtorch

It will be craftable and can be found in military locations. Rarer than the Fragmentation Mag

People will have to face a decision when it comes to crafting this because if they had a rangefinder, they will have to choose between keeping the rangefinder for a sentry or using it now, based on their situation.

This is an idea for 3.x, but at the same time a suggestion for 4.x but i don’t wanna spam the forums with the same idea, so i’m saying it here. Plus, I can see this being more of a 3.x thing.

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nice idea dudette


In regards to Unturned 3, that is questionable.

Wider view with a crosshair would be doable. Adding a rangefinder to it would require Nelson tweaking the value to function properly on other item types, but shouldn’t be too difficult to do (assuming it isn’t already possible). Zooming in/out with arrow keys would not be possible with the core Unturned 3 mechanics.

Lately, it seems that a lot of newer features added to the game are really just something of a “guinea pig”-like test to see how well it’d implemented into 4. However, I’d assume in this case it’d just be easier for Nelson to just set it up similar to having multiple calibers or default attachments, basically, but for scope magnification, rather than implement it in a fashion he’d prefer for 4 (most reasonably).

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just watch now some modder like Dieselsisel is gonna make this… its depressing that im not friends anymore with him T-T EHHH WHATEVS IM A KEWL PERSON!!! NOT DEPRESSED AT ALL HAHAH… can someone end my life already?
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So for the reticle, I found 2

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In 3.0, it can be changed to be read as a weapon that doesn’t fire so you can aim with it, and the rangefinder mechanic wouldn’t be that difficult then. But since I’m no expert then I believe this would end up in a clusterfuck. Ruining the beautiful binoculars we already have.
As for 4.0, then yeah, mastering the mechanic would occur in that game because the base game mechanics still haven’t been set yet so it can be manipulated a bit to satisfy most of the mechanics that nelson wants

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