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In 3.x , most military used a same model for military vehicles and outfits , what has annoyed me was to see totally differents armies use the same tank . To make it shorty, I think each country should have military vehicles based on it’s real counterpart , Russian based map could have T-90 / T-72 like tanks while Americans based map would have M1 Abrams, well you see what I mean .
While it could take more time for models, I think it would definitely bring diversity and a better feeling in the game .
Same does apply for outfits, all had the same bulletproof vest, same shirt, pant, etc… while each army has it’s own . The suggestion would be to make Unturned counterparts of the real outfits . Basically , a US marines / ranger outfit shouldn’t look like a recolored spetsnaz outfit , some mods such as special forces pack and more military vehicles did this on Unturned and I can guarantee the feeling was here .

Finally, last suggestion was a camo pattern / paint , basically, each vehicle got parts made of colors on which you can’t paint ( like exhaust pipes , steering wheel ) and parts on which you can paint or apply a camo , the body of the vehicle , holding the mouse when looking at the vehicle with paint / camo pattern would slowly apply the chosen pattern / paint .
Basically, when holding a urban pattern and looking at a vehicle , you could apply this pattern on that same vehicle .


Yes, putting every single model of every vehicle into the game might take some time, but yes atleast some diversity would be nice :+1:

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I’d also like if these different tanks and such had different stats so they preform differently.


Like Heavy tanks and Light tanks? :thinking:

Not necessarily, I think he just generally meant entirely separate vehicles based on the country that operates them. (Just a note though, balance would be the most important first and foremost, given UII’s presumed shift away from U3’s constant and unintended emphasis on PvP)

E.g. if UII’s militaries had IFVs, you’d expect to see a LAV III in Canada, but a Stryker in the US, or a BMP-3 in Russia. You could have completely different vehicle type variation as well between maps, but it’s not entirely necessary.


What Great Hero said. A T-90 and an M1 Abrams, while both filling a similar role, do not and should not act the same. I do think that both tanks, while unlikely to show up on the same map at the same time, should be roughly on par with each other; this allows map makers to put both NATO and russian vehicles on the same map and have them duke it out without one side being too overpowered, among other things.


Thanks for the positive answers .

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