Military Vehicles overhaul

In Unturned 3.x , militaries vehicles were way too easy to get , you could easily find and drive a tank to spread havoc everywhere , so , my opinion on Unturned II is that there should be a large variant of militaries vehicles BUT thoses would recquire many things .
First of all, there should be whole crews inside combat vehicles , for tanks per example , there would be 1 gunner, 1 reloaded , 1 commander ( don’t know what he would be able to do ) and 1 driver , the strenght of the tank would be the communication between its crew , or else they won’t be effective at all , then , I tought modern vehicles mostly rely on electronics systems, camera and etc, I think you should be able to take down the camera with guns or even melee , making the tank useless .
Other thing should be that you could destroy tracks/wheels , the crew would have to get out of the vehicle to repair thoses or they won’t be able to move at all.
Finally , in Unturned 3.x , players could easily switch seats , i think that there should be a wait time / animation of the seat switching, making the military vehicle impossible to use , on some vehicles , you couldn’t even switch side ( like attack helicopters if there are some , so if the pilot is killed , the copilot will die in all cases ) .
Then, Unturned major problem was the weapon reload , not only it was wayyy tooo fast but also not realistic at all , in real life , planes , helicopters can only be reloaded while on ground , so maybe there could be a system to reload thoses like gas system but with ammo instead .
Finally , the last suggestion is that militaries vehicles should be very hard to get , not only because thoses are rare but also because differents armies probably sabotaged thoses to avoid criminals taking over tanks .
You would have to repair the vehicle until using it , sometimes , you could maybe find intact ones .

And please , if Nelson is adding thoses , don’t make same model for Russia and America , that was the thing I hated the most xD .

Thank for reading this .

Also , I think there should also be an overheating option for weapons so there is a cool down until you can fire again .

If you want to keep shooting until you’ve ruined your barrel and cooked off all your ammunition, I don’t see why you should be forced to stop.

Agreed, but that would be stupid to waste the ammo and damage the gun , and good luck to repair a tank gun or a HMG, hint ; you can’t

That’s exactly the point, though. If you choose to be careless with your weapons to the point that they become irreparable, then that’s the consequence of your actions.

Tanks should need multiple people to operate, I agree, but it shoot be 2.
A gunner and a driver, and you shouldnt be able to shoot some camera and blind the entire tank.

Speaking of melee, since the vehicles in 4.0 will have more freedom, you should be able to get in the tank, if its locked break the hatch, and throw a grenade or just get inside yourself. It would be risky but if you are willing to do it the reward is good.

Animation for switching seats is already implemented I think, still a good feature.

Yeah, killing the pilot should bring an end to the vehicle I agree. Gives you a target to shoot, and if you are skilled enough to kill it you get a reward. To make the gunners completly not dead all of the time, parachutes should be added.

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