Minecraft Tier list

Stal #1



admit it, you all cared nothing for stal before jschlatt

mellohi gang


Strad is the best


I didn’t really like Stal before Schlatt, so it was kinda amusing to see someone be all over the top about it. Someone was going to make the joke, I just beat em’ to it.

Yeah I agree, Mellohi is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best, here’s my actual list.


I agree with this completely but fuck mellohi, only because I hate the purple bars in the middle

In Terms of music though, what is your opinion on it? Not just looks.

I was always Stal gang.

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look, even though Jschlatt is the minecraft guy who does the funni scream

But his opinions on the discs are terrible. Blocks sucks.

You’re only pro Stal because it’s funny to hate it.

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It’s funky and it’s the only song with swing. I really like the janky flute because I relate to it metaphysically

Yeah, that’s fair I guess, but you’re fucking wrong about the flute, the flute fucking ruins that song and if it wasn’t in there I would have given it a B at the very least.

It’s swingy funky and it’s awkward and I feel like I’m listening to myself in song form

@Azzaholic fixed


Malls fucking great and you know it, I can get putting blocks low down, but Mall is amazing.

You know what, Your list was almost good until Wait and strad were left in the gutter

gimme a sec lemme fix that mistake up


You ain’t a real minecrafter unless you know about them old people rollerskating @Froggo

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you dislike blocks and mall, you’re opinion doesn’t matter

this is genuinely hard, because a lot of these songs are more like 2 songs with an awkward transition.

here are some that stand out.

  • even though people like to meme on stal, some of the portions are actually pretty good.
  • far is good but it should be ambient music and doesn’t fit in on the jukebox.
  • mellohi isnt that bad, but it makes me want to kill my self