Minor melee suggestion

Just a quick suggestion on melee, since blunt and sharp weapons will have different effects.

It would be interesting to see different effects when attacked. For example: If you get hit in the legs with a blunt weapon in a quick hit (LMB) there is a chance of getting a broken leg(?). Whilst a strong hit (RMB) might have a near guaranteed broken leg. Same would happen to parts like arms (broken arm = dropped accuracy) strong hit to the head (unconscious / very blurred vision).

To those thinking it’s too much, on thr 4.x wishlist Nelson wants to add blocking as a possibility with melee weapons. So if you don’t defend yourself right, that’s on you.

What are your thoughts?


Cod beeee… Yeh… Nah… Ok… Shure… Cool… Meh… Yeh its ok…

It could work nicely. No complaints

But this also would mean melee weapons rebalance, since those wich are meant to be among the strongest ones in 3.x are pretty shitty (fire axe, for example).

Also, I’d like something like a critical or higher damage effect wether an enemy is guarded or not. Also, for zombies, being able to deal the highest damage (wether with guns or melee) only when attacking them from their back in 3.x, even if they’re unalerted, was kind of a dumb thing; it should be improved in 4.x.

If the enemy is unalerted, no matter how or where you hit your foe, the first hit will always deal the highest damage possible (this doesn’t ignore weapon type, hitboxes and stuff ofc, since almost every weapon dealt the same dmg output to zombies in 3.x, wich was also a very dumb thing).

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