Misc Notes About

  • You can press the numpad keys to roll the windows up/down
  • You can press ctrl+numpad to switch seats, but there aren’t animations for that yet
  • Currently mouse side button is for perspective switch

Mac Support

To compile for Mac I’ll need to get a more powerful Mac computer, so I don’t know when Mac support will be available yet. Unity could re-use the same files for Mac so I was able to build Mac on Windows, but for Unreal I would need to run it on a Mac computer.


Heck yeah. This new stuff is all amazing.

Nvr mind I figured it

ok, THIS is epic

Epic overload alert

Just hold CTRL and spam NUM1 and NUM3, no one is ever going to hit you

Well that’s not too good. What about using a virtual machine or something like that to compile from your own computer.

Skimming through the below links makes me believe it probably wouldn’t work much better than his mediocre Mac would.

That’s an epic update right there

Is there any way to use the windows if you dont have a numpad? For people with 75% keyboards.

Man I have been following the devlogs since Nov, 2017, and omg so much work has gone into this, I can’t wait until a public beta is released, Sign me up doc!


You wait until the UIs get converted to Slate and hope he adds the keybindings menu with it. :wink:

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But what is i have a keyboard with no numpad keys?

You wait for the game to include customizable keybindings, like Molton said.

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