Misunderstandings & Suggestions (trello)

First of all, Nelson mentioned adding back “weight” so maybe he could make it a server option like ballistics that would appear on hard?
Second, Nelson mentioned this: “roam and find your base in the wilderness, wave attacks at night”, so i got a few questions:

Do they follow you around or do they just wander everywhere without agro?

What are the wave atacks at night? does that mean that you have to be 24/7 to defend it or is it only when you agro them to your base?

I like the idea of zombies not staying in one location, but i dont understand what he means by roaming.

Also I dont know what people can do with arms and legs cut off, do they just die there without any thing to stop it?

And, Nelson, please dont make locking a bicycle stupid (add a lockchain that you can add to stuff that you can find in the cities (like bicycle parking slots) or crafting them)

The Trello is a wishlist of Nelson’s (and some of the community’s) ideas.

Roam is defined as “move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area.” However, you could theoretically have zombies follow you to a base if you wanted. Simply put though: roaming = roaming.

Weight will likely not be limited to hard mode (nor are gun ballistics). If added, it would be a core game mechanic. However, there could be config options to increase the carrying capacity of stuff via a multiplier.


I’d feel a bit unsafe, since probably a player who doesnt have good loot like a dfang just lures a Zombie to my base, and starts destroying it. How about everyone else?

Also, skills are messed up, because irl you would upgrade them by practicing them, and not killing Zombies and getting exp.

we’ve already made a post about this

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