Mmm, Succ


ulent! I’ve got a week or two of work on Candyland, and some new info on some stuff and things.

First off, I have done no progress on items! Hurray! I decided to make more progress on map objects and further expanding on the environment. For example, Ice cream lakes!

*Thanks to Froggo for suggesting the Neapolitan flavor

I’ve also been working on furniture and medium objects as well as buildings. Because of popular vote I made cake buildings for the grasslands. I think they turned out well, what about you?

Along with the town location above, I made a mine/Quarry location with various flavours of Rock candy. The Mine has an underground section with some fun little easter eggs.


Over the week I have accumulated around 40 new objects, ranging from sofas to police stations.

you may see some normal world objects that I haven’t changed yet. If you’ve got an idea for a candy conversion, I’m all ears.

In the next progress report, you can expect to see some expansion on mostly the choco mountains, with the voted for Ginger Bread houses.

if you’ve got any questions or suggestions for some cool concepts for the Choco mountains, I might jot them down and see how they turn out.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight/today. Until next time, smell ya later nerds.


If you really want that vehicle there, perhaps try to make it appear to be an ice cream truck?

All in all though looks really well done.


Looks S w E e T

Is it a regular or arena map?


guys no way
i hacked Azzaholic’s map and i’m leaking the map

you can tell the brown shit in top right (or left) corner is the deadzone
The Snow land is the npc faction with some asshat mining a candycane


oh god oh fuck the map looks amazing tophat, thank you for the leak.


no problem buddy boi

catch my twitter atunturnedleaks


Regular medium sized


If you can change how zombies look, it’d be neat.

Actually, can’t think on any suggestions. Just make it fun af, lmao.


He can use the ginger bread men cosmetics and use custom clothes to change zombie appearance.


Hey guys, I hid a washing machine in this post, I bet you can’t find it.




that’s a cooler!


my life succ



Is it inside this house? Because you’d be smart enough to bluff one outside?


Make cloth things like sofas and beds out of cotton candy maybe?

Looking great btw!


I think I found it!


@ThatGuyYouDontKnow can you point at that in the full image?
@GreatHeroJ there is a secret easter egg one



you’re so painfully close.