Mod content false ban/deleting

Hi, I made Gazza war rp clothes for my server then I published on 18 February. Then my content get deleted today(19 February). I even asked to moderators and guiders for unturned workshop rules. They said there is only Steam TOS. Then I published my mod. After some hours, someone threads me for using ‘Crisis’ name. (My mod name is The New Crisis). They told me they gonna report me to Unturned moderators. I said if there is a problem just dm me. Today I saw my content get banned. I want to learn why my content got deleted. thanks…
(Also I contact with steam support, they told me content teleted by developers.)
Please dont close the topic. I have to say something.

Mod link:

If the content was removed by SDG and not Steam Support, you can file an inquiry/appeal through the support website. (This would fall under the “Other” ticket type.)

Please use file a ticket through the support website instead, thank you:

Please visit the support website to make a ticket instead!