Mod lost Collison when used on Server

Im making some mods for my friend Server, i made Makeshift Air Vehicle mod, no Major bugs, can be use ‘Normaly’ on Singleplayer, but when we Install it on Server, all Vehicles and items lost their Collison, so it fall on the ground, did u know why this is happent and how to fix it ?

Make sure the ‘Clip’ Prefab is identical to the ‘Vehicle’ prefab, by that I mean all the colliders, tires etc. You can make sure everything is same by duplicating Vehicle prefab and removing anything you don’t need while keeping the colliders and then renaming it to Clip.


i think i already Duplicate Nav and Bumper for the Clip, but i’ll check again later, And Thx for the Info,
Do u already got this Issue too ?
but the Collison in not bugging in Singlepler, only in Server

I don’t have the issue but it sounds like it is related to Clip which is used on multiplayer, not singleplayer.

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ohh, very much thx for your Reply

i just realized, the Item is bugging too if spawned in Server, they Teleporting anywhere, and have no collison too, u know right, items have no “Clip” Prefab, so what actualy happent ???

but no bug if spawned on Singleplayer

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