Modded/Object list for the Editor

Hey everyone.
Have you ever been using a load of mods in Unturned, and just casually use objects from loads of different mods in a custom world? Then want to upload it, but don’t know which mods are required, and have to go back and painstakingly guess which mod objects you used in a map?
Probably not, but I have an idea which could fix it anyway.

I suggest a sort of “Print metadata” button in the menu of the editor, that creates a file (sort of like a console log) inside of your unturned folder, in the map folder that you made, (Possibly under MAP/Editor/Editordata.txt) listing all of the objects placed in the world.
This includes but is not limited to:
Objects, modded objects, devmode assets(Such as effects, holes etc.), navmesh, resources etc.

It would output something like this:
“MAPNAME metadata:
x 79 Unturned/Pine Tree
x 1 Unturned/Devkit/LandscapeHoleVolume
x 1 Spy’s Better Living/Spy’s restaurant
x 2 Effects Pack + Placeable Emitters/Devkit/Effect node/ClassicLightning Emitter”

Obviously the example above is very shallow, simple and basic, a proper map would be much bigger than that. Also the directories don’t really mean anything, this is just how I’d imagine it.
Perhaps it would direct to the location of the object?
Such as “x2 Unturned/Bundles/whatever…”

The big use of this would be being able to know how many of each vanilla and modded object you have.
For example “Oh, I only used one object from this mod, I think I’ll remove it so one less mod is required to download the map”, or maybe you like it and want to keep it, who knows, just having the ability to know is what’s useful.
Remember, the purpose of this suggestion is to be convenient to map makers, to help them potentially locate issues, to also actually know which mods you’ve used so you can include them.

(Because without this, what I’d do is probably just include all the mods I use in the map download, since it’s basically impossible to know which mods I have and haven’t used, it would be easier just to add all of them, which obviously isn’t ideal and is a big putoff for any player looking to download a map, nobody wants to download 20 different mods, many of which probably aren’t even used. So do you see the problem here?)

I really hope a feature like this is considered for future updates of Unturned, obviously nothing is perfect so please give your opinions, thoughts and suggestions to help improve this idea, I’d love this feature to be added, and the more use we can give it, the more likely it is to be implemented making life a little easier for a lot of us.

Thank you for reading,
Kind regards,

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Most of the time, it is very frowned upon to reupload people’s mods.


You mean to use people’s mods in your map, then upload the map? Isn’t that the point of object packs? To use them in your map?

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It is the point, but it is seen as lazy. I personally find that it degrades a map’s quality down to the quality of the objects themselves. So I, personally, am fine with people using something like the parking garage object mod or other stuff by that person because (even though I haven’t tried them myself) they seem to fit the style of Unturned and appear to be competently made, but using something like Spy’s better living would have been a huge no-no if you still could.

If you can make it work, you can make it work. However, most people can’t make it work and have to resort to either compound or having upwards of four object mods that players have to download in order to play the map. So while it isn’t necessarily bad or wrong to use other people’s assets, it is generally just easier and better to create your own.

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Well sky’s better living was just an example, I’m not here to suggest what mods people should and shouldn’t use. But on that topic, Unturned’s object selection can be lacking, so I don’t blame people for having to use other objects, many people can’t spend the time learning how to model to make their own objects when there’s already a mod that does it better. I see where you’re coming from with this, but either way, like I already said, I’m not here to tell people what mods to use, because even if you make your own mod, I still think having the ability to export all your maps object data can prove useful, even if you’re only using vanilla objects and resources etc. I for example have had problems with navigation, where zomibes will just stand still and not attack despite being inside a navigation, perhaps this output file could pinpoint that issue, such as “x2 Navmesh - Error: Navigation (ID) is overlapping with (ID2) and could cause problems”

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