Modding or reality?

My friend used to work on creating a mod that is capable of transferring real things from pictures to a 3D model and immediately sending them to the game so that you can interact with this element. Now I plan to conduct a test with these shoes. This mod has remained unfinished. I had free time to modify and adapt it. What do you think is worth it to do and sell it? Or what would you do if you had this author’s program?

wait what?


So photogrammetry software?


I think we’d all like to see an actual example of this software in action.

@Renaxon unless this guy has a super nasa computer’s (not just one) to run this program im preety shure it isnt a photogrammetry software hi probably smoked to much weed lol

Yup, basically.
Also, 3X has little to nothing in terms of support for that kind of ordeal in place.

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