Modernizing and updating some older content

Still trying to incorporate new organizational formatting techniques into posts…

English.dat File Changes

Item Renaming
  • Beach Chair → White Beach Chair
  • Couch → White Couch
  • Cot → White Cot
  • Umbrella (Barricade) → White Beach Umbrella
    • Blue Umbrella (Barricade) → Blue Beach Umbrella
    • Green Umbrella (Barricade) → Green Beach Umbrella
    • Orange Umbrella (Barricade) → Orange Beach Umbrella
    • Purple Umbrella (Barricade) → Purple Beach Umbrella
    • Red Umbrella (Barricade) → Red Beach Umbrella
    • Yellow Umbrella (Barricade) → Yellow Beach Umbrella
  • Forest Beret → Beret
    • Desert Beret → Beret
  • Forest Military Top → Military Top
    • Desert Military Top → Military Top
  • Forest Military Vest → Military Vest
    • Desert Military Vest → Military Vest
  • Forest Military Helmet → Military Helmet
    • Desert Military Helmet → Military Helmet
  • Forest Military Bottom → Military Bottom
    • Desert Military Bottom → Military Bottom
Vehicle Renaming
  • Tractor (Green) → Farm Tractor
    • Tractor (Red) → Garden Tractor
  • Forest Ural → Ural
    • Desert Ural → Ural
  • Forest Humvee → Humvee
    • Desert Humvee → Humvee
  • Forest APC → APC
    • Desert APC → APC
  • Forest Jeep → Jeep
    • Desert Jeep → Jeep
  • Forest Huey → Huey
    • Desert Huey → Huey
  • Makeshift Vehicle (1 Seater) → 1 Seater Makeshift Vehicle
    • Makeshift Vehicle (4 Seater) → 4 Seater Makeshift Vehicle
    • Makeshift Vehicle (6 Seater) → 6 Seater Makeshift Vehicle
Description Changes
  • Ekho Magazine
    • Ranger grade Ekho magazine. Designed to fit 7 rounds.
    • High caliber ranger grade Ekho magazine. Designed to fit 7 rounds.
  • Basically the description of any Magazine Attachment used by a shotgun???

New Content

Color Variant Additions
  • Black Beach Chair
  • Black Couch
  • Black Cot
  • Black Beach Umbrella
Item Additions
  • Ice Axe
    • Purely a Yukon map item addition. Functionality is exactly (and only) that of any other generic melee weapon.
    • Climbing things with it is not the point of its addition. You cannot climb with it.
    • The point of its addition is because of Yukon having a lot of typical item/vehicle content missing, and this “filler content” melee weapon helps to fully flesh out the experience on the map.
    • Insert excuses about immersion or balance or something to make it seem good enough to add it…

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Smoke Grenades are used to dye items instead of Flares.

Map Tweaks

  • Pirate Cove is updated to use a landscape hole.
  • The tunnel to Summerside Military Base is updated to use a landscape hole.
  • Tunnels are updated to use landscape holes.
  • Add super miniature cave den things made with landscape holes to let people hide out blizzards if things don’t go their way???

hell yes, rework Washington the best map. needs some cool stuff added

Yes, make the pirate cave less ugly. That’s what I approve the most