Molton and Cpt. Yarr appreciation thread


No, this isn’t Pork getting desperate for a chance at a closed beta pass, R U crazy?

In all seriousness, just post something you like about them, it can be a previous quote or something you admire about them.

I’ll start off:

Remember that time Molton did his impersonation for the Turned in II?


I’m sorry sir but I think it’s time for you to delet this.


Molton, I appreciate your service, but can you please unannex my property? I mightly appreciate if you don’t turn my property into your private resort.

And yarrr, the decks are clean, sails set, I jumped the plank several dozen times in a row and I refuse to drown, can I finally leave? I’m getting seasick.


I don’t remember that Molton post.




I don’t remember that Yarr post.


I like their loyality services towards the unturned community. Unturned wikia and their help answering my problems with most of the problems I’ve ever asked. their hair.


lad, you were never part of me crew you blasted plunder sucking landlubber.



Wait, if he is on your crew, how are you getting him into the brig? Are you at dock, or at sea?


Chuck-E-Cheese’s ballpit springboard.



…literally what



;-; .


Yes I agree


Memes category

Bro are you ok


No, I haven’t played TF2 in 2 weeks, im going nuts man.


who tf hurt you


2 obviously


Scout mains