Molton knows how to wiki!

Now I know everything there is to know about the Eaglefire. Thanks!


Molten is crying


Link, please?

Molton* knows how to wiki. >:( Don’t give Nelson credit for Eaglefire!

(To clarify: Nelson set up the domain for the wiki a while back, and has the .php files for changing a lot of the base configuration settings and adding extensions per request.

As for actual articles/templates/etc., he has only added the modding articles currently (although some of the other things were based on feedback and personal inquiry).

If anyone can confirm that the homepage adjusts to browser resolution properly, that’d be great though! :smiley:)



Sorry Molton

We should to gamepedia anyway. Every gamepedia i’ve seen is better than the wiki. Compare the minecraft wiki to the minecraft gamepedia.

Seconded. I know a lot of very well done gamepedia wikis.

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