More Animal Loot/Reason to kill animals

I believe various animals should give different resources. For example: Killing a deer could drop a “antlers” item, which could be crafted into some sort of makeshift melee weapon. I also believe there could be room for more animals… such as chickens spawning near farms and dropping feathers or a beak which can be used as a crafting supply. Alligator spawns could be cool to see but would be unrealistic to see in a map like Pineridge (which I’m assuming is up north). Regardless, gators could be found on later-game maps (perhaps more down south). Snakes could also provide meat, but snakes could also become a threat as a poisonous snake could cause some toxification issues to the player. Implementation of Companion animals would be swell aswell (sorry)

Moral of the story… there needs to be more importance to animals in UII!


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Peta is coming for you. But seriously if they drop more loot that could be a good thing.

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I think that one way to make animals more useful is make their drops useful, make it so u dont just find clothes everywhere, what is the point in leather clothes if i can walk 2 minutes and get military level clothes

I mean if there is a decent butchery system, the main way of making clothes to keep yourself warm would be skinning animals. The fat from said animals could also prove invaluable as you can make candles and things out of it, and all of this combined with very little food in “northern” (high tier) areas of the map would create a lot of incentive to hunt.

They’re also too busy euthanizing animals in their shelters. Their anti-gmo branch is also too busy wacking millions of dollars worth of research in an effort to destroy Australia’s first gmo wheat


Leather Clothes are hear for when your missing a piece to something.

Domestication would be a fun mechanic! That and wild animals with a few more harvestable resources.

With the addition of player bodies with loot, that same mechanic could be used for animals. Potentially carrying the body of some wild animal back home, either in the bed of a truck or dragging it or something, and roasting it on a spit or otherwise processing it somehow.

Really, more primitive equipment gained solely from the wild rather than civilization is necessary to accentuate and strengthen the survival feel that UII is going for. Furs for warm clothing/beddings, leathers for armored sections of clothing, tendons and ligaments for makeshift bows and rope, bones for primitive weapons, tools, and constructs, etc. Once animals are starting to be implemented this would be a great list of things to be considered and tested.

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Or you could attract deer with them.

I don’t see the point of having them be any more specific than just bones, unless there’s some special use for that specific part of the skeleton that I’m missing.




Off topic but did anyone ever play the Monster Hunter games? It was so weird because you could kill these giant monsters but if you needed to harvest a deer you “knocked them out.” It only got weirder because you also harvested meat :man_shrugging:
I later found out this was because of

With deer and other big game animals they would probably drop meat intestines and pelts ect and you can turn pelts into clothes. Instead of animals just dropping leather you would have to tan and cure the pelts and then maybe you could use a sewing machine or a sewing station the you can use in mid game and a sewing machine would be late game. And you can maybe scrap military gear to get the kevlar from it and put it in the clothes or maybe a late game version would be with ar 500 steel plating.

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