More animals

I really like unturned and i think it should deserve more content.Bears would make the outdoor survivors frightened.Water enemies would be cool like sharks etc.

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I was thinking you meant more wildlife in general, not more hostile wildlife specifically. Gimme bears yeah, but not just one kind. More fowl and waterfowl, swimming fish (instead of fish generated by a fishing pole), rodents, foxes and coyotes and wolves, wildcats of all kinds, etc. All with varying degrees of passiveness and hostility. Tamers and Hunters would both love more animals. Peta wouldn’t though, they don’t like games where you are capable of killing an animal.

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Yeah that’s my point

Your point was to piss off PETA?! /s


No no no we are trying to add more wild life and other food and the ourdoor danger.

Just a litte note peta is really trigerred about eveey game with an animal like mario,pokémon.

Bears already exist in 3.0 and are most likely going to transfer to 4.0. Water Animals are listed on the Trello IIRC.

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