More animations?

So here’s the idea, more types of animations than what we have it 3.0. Like for say a long Blade type of weapon your player will reach over his shoulder to get it instead of just pulling it up out of nowhere, or with revolvers he will reach down to his side and pull it out, maybe do a spin animation. And obviously an animation for getting in a car through its door, and for changing seats. Would add a lot more immersion xd. Maybe also an animation for starting to use say a mounted weapon. Like him walking up to the gun, and preparing it to fire.
More animations for immersion.


Actually animations that you don’t really control like entering a car is pretty easy to implement in unreal engine.


Yeah and maybe you could use free look while these happen? Like you could look down as you pull out a pistol?

I think animations should change depending on where the weapon is. Like if you have a knife attached on your backpack, your character would reach behind it’s back to get it. If it was on the hip in a scabbard, then he would pull it out from there.


What about special animations when taking damadge like fall damadge you fall on the ground

Or for different attack animations would be cool. Like, for katana, first weak attack animation and second weak attack animation can be different. In 3.0, it’s same.

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No for the weak attack it’s just smacking it. The strong attack is just stabbing it.

Well, i didn’t mean that.

What did you mean then? All the weapons in 3.0 have different weak and strong attack animations. Yes some of them may just be a slower version but their still different

He asked for multiple variations.

oh I thought he said weak and strong Xd sorry @anon51670504

I want to flip my butterfly knife

So… just inspect animations being added again? Or, like, an idle animation when you’re not stabbing stuff?

more animations in general, pulling it out,picking it up ect. maybe when you pick something new up your character will look it over. I dunno.

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