More anime cosmetics in Unturned both for weapons and outfits

I haven’t seen many new anime themed cosmetics in a while. (though last time I played the dango box was the new hot thing.) But would love to see more anime themed cosmetics, would especially like to have an anime girl on the side of my zubek or maplestrike.

Also want to hear suggestions / ideas anyone’s got in regards to this topic.


go outside


Which anime girl would you prefer?


Ya know I’ve gotta think more on that, but one I’d love to see is albedo or shalltear from the overlord series. But of course there’s plenty more out there so I’d have to go back and make a list lol. But those are the two I could think off the top of my head. Also thanks for your reply, and taking time to read my question.

Also I haven’t watched your videos in a while, hope your keeping up the good work. I always find your content enjoyable, so I just wanted to say so.

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Do Yunyun and I’ll buy a substantial amount of cosmetics


Anyone else got any suggestions? I’m curious as to what anyone else interested would put in whether it be a anime girl, anime cat (basically something like nyan cat), or something else lol. Maybe someone could do a workshop with vehicles plastering anime skins on them, would love to see my tank anime’d XD.

i will laugh my ass off if some weeb in a squeaker voice threatens me

i fully support this idea


I’m fairly certain that if Nelson ever accepted the addition of a skin with a character from a copyrighted series, he’d be fined for copyright infridgment.

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Good point, we already had the situation when Danaby made the Fortnite Bus mod and almost got in trouble for it.

Right, but I wouldn’t mind getting skins that have characters that are anime styled, but not actual copyrighted characters.

Huh yeah I never heard about that. Guess because I forgot about this game for the entire year because of the s#!t I’ve had to slog through just to make it out alive lol. But good point you guys brought up.