More Attachments,Items,ETC

Hello there fellas, i just tellin ya we need more common and rare scopes l ike 2,4,9,3x because in 3.x we can easily find 7x and 8x with killing mega zombie! I dont saying make unturned a pvp game but making more attackments like scopes,grips,sights,suppresedors,barrels even knife on gun! like a powered laser is better than normal laser and its colored green… or adaptive chambers has to be less powered. adaptive chambers is more likely the most using attachment. so i am telling you guys if we have more attachments common,rare,epic etc. etc. Its a apocalypse game. so its has to be some attachments theres going to be military bases and think what we can found if we have more items.

What’s the point of this post again?


I edited it, sorry for wait i was just thinking :smiley:

I think we have plenty of attachments I just think that maybe we should have more of them in certain areas like gun shops and military bases cuz I’m telling you every time I’m on single player does it matter what mode or what Map I go into the gun store there’s just a few things of ammo maybe a Colt or a cobra and that’s it I think that maybe everything should be stocks a little more I know that it’s post-apocalypse and post outbreak so things are going to be missing but there should still be some more there that’s just my opinion though not necessarily a suggestion

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4.X will definitely have more attachment options. Have you been reading the devlogs? (Lemme post a link )

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Maybe there could be detachable/attachable or interchangeable stocks and grips

The Eaglefire in 4.X has a stock as an attachment. No mention of grips though. (I wish grips and stocks were combined, so thumbhole or semi pistol grips could be a thing.)

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