More car customization?

it would be cool to upgrade cars and have multiple car parts

Could you elaborate more? What kind of car parts would you be referring to, what would count as an “upgrade”, etc.


Yeah maybe having a thruster attachment, or a mountable turret and other parts would be amazing to see. Imagine someone rolling up on you in a sedan and suddenly a machine gun attached to the car comes out of the trunk…


like turbos, and like external addons, it all depends, different engines maybe


Put the generator turret on the car and drive to kill)))

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it would actually ve cool to upgrade parts and yes have multiple parts

I would like to customize my vehicles more than what we currently can in 3.0. Though I would like to still have the option of free building on the vehicle alongside part customization / improvements to your vehicle.

honestly? having more indepth vehicles would be sick. the current extent 3.0 has is nice, with your tires being able to be shot out and having to worry about car batteries. but having things like more indepth car internals that allow you to modify your car to run however you like, tires that are suited to different terrains, (off road, road, wet, etc), and having different parts of your car being shot out and getting them replaced would add alot to the scavenging and pvp aspects. im taking alot of ideas from the game jalopy.


Sounds really good!

I would like to be able to take out seats and replace with storage boxes.

Radios in cars is something I’ve wanted for a while with them being able to be interactive while driving.

Also yeah cars should be harder to maintain in the apocalypse I would like to have to use scrap to fix the cars instead of just blow torching it back together.

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