More Commands!

Has anyone played a game made with Valve’s Source engine? Well pretty much everyone has by now, and many of the players have noticed a handy command console, which is useful in many ways.

In addition to changing how commands work in general and how items are spawned, commands should have the power to reach anything or anyone.

The syntax should go as follows:
{command} {arg1} {arg2} -option

For example:

ban Codian 120 -s

[Console] Banned Codian (ID: 65670) for 120 seconds silently!

In this case, the command is “ban”, argument 1 is the player name, argument 2 is the time (in seconds) and the option is -s which stands for silent.

Here are some commands that I’ve thought of.

{}= required parameter
= optional parameter
-= option (always an optional parameter)

If an optional parameter for player is left empty, the console assumes you are referring to yourself.

item [player] {id/name} -drop
Alias: i, give, g

vehicle [player] {id/name} [y]
Alias: v, car

fly [player] [speed]
Alias: f, wings

hud -all
Alias: h, togglehud, th

teleport [Player1] {Player2}
Alias: tpa, visit

forceteleport [Player1] {Player2}
Alias: ftp, goto, move

god [Player] [Time]
Alias: super

inventory {Player}
Alias: inv

sudo {Player} {command + all args} -ignoreperms
Alias: do

timeset {value/day/night/random} -gradient
Alias: time, t, st, settime

vanish [Player]
Alias: v, hide, ghost

reveal [Player] -all
Alias: unhide, r, unghost

kill [Player]
Alias: none

position [Player]
Alias: find, lookup, pos, coords

attribute [Player] {Attribute Id} {amount}
Alias: atr, skill, skillup, sup

stop -s
Alias: none

restart -s
Alias: none

Alias: quit, leave, exit

spectate {Player}
Alias: spy, view

setting {category} {setting} {value/revert}
Alias: set, pref, preference

Alias: none

destroy earth


I thinks this is really useful. Servers should be easier to manage

Would be great if you could also have programs hook up to this like SLAM for valve console .
Also in depth tweaking of FOV, gunplacement and crosshair maybe?

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Friendlyfire 1/0
Friendlyfire_dmg_percent x

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what… :bomb:

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