More Creative New Names

In the latest update, the Colt, Honeybadger, Swiss Knife, Hind, Huey, Jeep, and Humvee got changed to 1911, PDW, Pocketknife, Attack Heli, Transport Heli, Military Offroader, and Armored Military Offroader, respectively, for potential copyright reasons.

Now, all of this could be placeholder, but do you see anything off with these new names alongside the names of other vehicles and weapons in Unturned? THEY’RE SO GENERIC! Nelson has though of names from the Zubeknakov to the Determinator for weapon names, and I expect these old weapons to get that same thought too. Hopefully next update we’ll get creative weapon names to fill the gap were the Colt, Honeybadger, and Hind used to be.


So you are trying to say that COLT and HONEYBADGER are creative names? huh?


Rename the Colt something like the Mustang or the Stallion, and the Honeybadger something like the Whisper or Wolverine

I’d rename the Honeybadger to /kit Admin


Dang copyrighting! Can’t someone just copyright copyrighting!? That would fix things. c:

Any name that doesn’t went along the line of “AK 47” or “Spuk 64”

Hell, “Tater” would sounds better than those 2, Besides the mass confusion.