More customisability with mesh replacements

The current system for mesh replacements is very restrictive, and from what I’m aware has not been improved since its inception, the current system is restrictive because it uses the base game armature
and is hard-coded to use existing hitboxes.
As well as the lack of ability to apply custom animations to mesh replacements.

I’m aware this is not an extremely important suggestion, but more or less a nitpick about the current mesh replacement system, but it would open up the modding scene to new and cool creations such as mechs and robots, that do not rely on vehicle prefabs to work and hence are extremely finicky.

I’m also aware of the way you have set up the character movement system this wouldn’t be an easy or even a short-term goal and would entail reworking networking, etc. of the existing systems to allow this to work.

Best regards,
Sufix // Sassi

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It is pretty restrictive. I think I went overboard with the mesh-based shirts/pants in 4, but the way I envision clothing longer-term would be the texture-based base layer with meshes providing some additional 3D detail.


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