More customizable body mesh replacements

Allowing more customization when making body mesh replacements would allow for so much more creativity when making things such as npcs and custom clothing. There’s a ton of things that could be made that currently can not be. For example, if you want to make the unturned character look like a cat or something, you are stuck with the basic walking animations and base hitbox. With more customization, you could make it look so much better.


Animation replacement: allows you to link custom animations to the clothing and (if possible) have the hitbox follow the animation.

Hitbox replacement: having access to change the hitbox of npcs and players could lead to a lot more customizable npcs and player models.

Camera offset: Could work like the camera offset for vehicles. It’d allow for more vertical customization on servers.

Just allow them to work on Zombies: Self-explanatory

Not for body mesh replacements but still for clothing:

Allow_Equipment : Allows you to stop the player from equipping anything while they have the clothing on. It could work like the handcuffs but without the handcuff animation.

Cloud : Would allow you to make the clothing act like a cloud item. There could also be the same customization as on the actual cloud items.

Yes, I do know that there are risks to adding some of these but imo the rewards vastly outweigh them.


also make it so they can override the shirt cosmetic

since currently how it works is “oh you have a shirt cosmetic? guess you can’t be a cat”

honestly, just add this to item assets so we can use it on anything


“Yes, I do know that there are risks to adding some of these but imo the rewards vastly outweigh them”


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