More feedbacks

these are more feedbacks.
it may be not clear but miner (people how work in mines)wave got a helmet with a headlight i’ll be cool 1 it will not use the basic headlight slot(only a helmet)it will give a protection and it will be easy to find(in mines).
2)fuel for campfires.
the campfires in an unturned can burn to infinity as long as they have not extinguished I pence that a fuel system would be cool the use of wood, gasoline, coal, paper and dollars (in the form of leaves) or even foliage dropped by the trees and harvested in the bushes would be a good way to make this mechanism better.
the function is simple by selecting a wooden log for example and by throwing it on the fire (with the interraction key (basically F)) the item would be remove and give to the campfire power and life time(or flame duration) (both represented by the size of the flame)

  1. Bring Unturned 2.0’s headlight back! Thought the headlamp now is fine because what else is gonna take that slot? Nightvision? Then what’s the lamp for? Seems unnecessary to me
  2. Hell… Yesssss… make campfires require wood to keep on burning

Torches can be used as a light source.
No other words needed.


But we all know that torches are as good as spitting distance and quite dim.
Maybe allow cagelights to be installed on the ceiling

maybe portable torches can be cool and by attacking someone with it it will burn it!but not cool with the rain!

Yeah the fires really need a fuel source. Really neat in don’t starve when you’re burning your last few items to keep the light going through the night.


i’ve got a lot more feedbacks to share later.if it interest you i’ll may make a topic tomorrow!

That would add more of the aspect to survival. Knowing what to sacrifice to keep the heat going.
Shouldn’t that mean that our characters will get cold at night and start using up food pretty fast unless there’s a fire? That would add up well to the survival aspect as well

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