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I want more food items!

Some suggestions:
etc, etc…


Ive always wanted more food in this game, some of these would be pretty cool!

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i feel cooking is mostly ignored, because people just run into military bases and just eat mres

MREs aren’t that common, and it’s useful when you are very hungry and/or thirsty, you won’t use a MRE if ou have 60-75 % of food/water.

Still, food is barley cooked, towns are just full of it, like there is no reason to, some people farm, but I only know a few that cook

No reason to farm on easy mode, normal/hard is very different.

I intend on making a Freddy’s Good Eats mod. Some of this stuff is already planned!

maybe more food mixing(like sadwich)we will make pizzas etc…

Pizza Sandvich


Im open to suggestions in any way unless they r a copy of another game but this one?

All you need in Unturned to survive is lettuce

maybe couscous and tajines?

i don´t has surprise with a communist writing a topic about food =P

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