More ideas regarding temperature system involving liquids

The temperature of liquids should change depending on the temperature outside. If it is cold outside, tWhen the liquid is cold, if it is hot outside, then the liquid is hot. If the liquid is outside in the coldh, and not in an object then it will freeze, and you will have to heat it up to drink it. If it is left outside in the hot then the amount of liquid will decrease and it will be hot. If it is hot outside then you need to drink cold liquids. This will be the same for if it is cold outside, but you will have to drink hot liquids. If you drink the wrong liquid then you will be affected by temperature more. You can also refrigerate liquids to make it last longer, and keep it at a normal temperature.
This is how you could be affected by heat. You will lose hydration faster, harder to see screen, because it becomes darkened out in some spots, and you will walk slower, and after a while you die. When you experience hypertermia you will do actions slower, screen shake to resemble shivering, ice on your screen, and slower walk speed. You will die after a bit.

if we’re doing that, then maybe also make it so that the larger a body of water is, the more slowly it changes temperatures

assuming that’s possible

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Yes, but I mean as in drinkable, findable liquids. Like ones in buildings.

What does this message mean.

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