More ingredients and food buffs

Having only eggs, wheat, and milk to make a cake doesn’t sound delicious… I need more. How about more ingredients? How about more food recipes? And also, why can’t the food that took forever to make temporarily buff your health/energy (like having more than 100% hp) because a cake that takes 4 spaces doesn’t beat 4 tomatoes/lettuces. And you only get health regen when your food and water is above 90%. The berry pies don’t compare either. Crafted Food needs a buff. Not as important as the other things that Nelson is planning, but maybe wholesome enough to be added for 4.0.


It’d be really cool to see the hunger system from Starbound carry over to Unturned.

I.E - The buffs of “this ingredient will feed you, but cook it and it will feed you and augment your abilities through speed, defense, etc.”


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I think it’s a good idea just as @AnimaticFreak spoke, something like the starbound system sounds interesting to Unturned II.

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Relevant shameless self-promotion

I do support there being passive bonuses to more complicated consumables, but it should be via a more intuitive and holistic approach than just giving very specific combinations of ingredients explicit status effects.


I guess this could be a good addition to unturned 2 but only if the buffs are only minor and wont give you a huge advantage over others .
Maybe some foods could be something like turned damage reduced and in that case i guess it could be a significant buff since it doesnt make the game harder for the opponent

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